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Obtaining a Money Transfer by Deception is governed by Section 15A of the Theft Act 1968 which states:

  1. A person is guilty of an offence if by any deception he dishonestly obtains a money transfer for himself or another. A money transfer occurs when—
    1. a debit is made to one account
    2. a credit is made to another and
    3. the credit results from the debit or the debit results from the credit
  2. References to a credit and to a debit are to a credit of an amount of money and to a debit of an amount of money
  3. It is immaterial (in particular)—
    1. whether the amount credited is the same as the amount debited
    2. whether the money transfer is effected on presentment of a cheque or by another method
    3. whether any delay occurs in the process by which the money transfer is effected
    4. whether any intermediate credits or debits are made in the course of the money transfer
    5. whether either of the accounts is overdrawn before or after the money transfer is affected

This section was repealed by the by the Fraud Act 2006 as from 15th January 2007. An individual would now be prosecuted under the general offence of fraud, and other fraud offences which can be used in particular circumstances. As a result, this section would only apply where an offence was partly committed before 15th January 2007.

Sentencing guidelines for Obtaining a Money Transfer by Deception

Maximum Sentence: 10 years imprisonment

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